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Why did we create this standard?

At Racafé we implemented an INTERNAL SUSTAINABILITY STANDARD to support communities and encourage sustainable forms of continuous participation throughout the coffee production chain.

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Who does it benefit?

It aims to improve the quality of life for coffee-growing families and their relationship with the environment through three approaches: environmental, social and economic.

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21 indicators

The CRECER standard covers different aspects of environmental, social and economic interest to coffee growers.


Environmental Approach

It covers the aspects of: Biodiversity; Weed management; Organic and inorganic waste; Pesticide management; Efficient water use and Ecosystem services.


Social Approach

It includes: Socialization of public policy; Association activity; Training; Research; Intergenerational work and Food security.


Economic Approach

It analyzes the: Use of by-products; Diversification with animals; Crop and Business Plan; Bonus; Fertilization Efficiency; Control of benefit and Drying Control.

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