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What is the aim of the standard?

To guarantee the future of the producers, through the conservation of the soil, water, surrounding biodiversity and the communities that accompany them. Producers, buyers and consumers assume a serious commitment to the protection of the environment, the conservation of the social structure of coffee growing areas and the promotion of a fair and inclusive market.

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Scope of the Standard

CRECER is applied to: coffee producers that supply us throughout the country (small and individual producers, including large farms applied to all our suppliers) and warehouses in the Racafé supply chain. Producers who are part of a group or organization are evaluated individually within the program and registered as such.

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24 indicators

The CRECER standard covers different aspects of environmental, social and economic interest to coffee growers.


Environmental Approach

It covers the aspects of: Biodiversity, Soil Management, Organic Waste, Inorganic Waste, Pesticide Management, Waste Water, Ecosystem Services, Climate Change.


Social Approach

It covers: Socialization, Associativity, Training, Research and Development, Intergenerational, Food Security, Working Hours, Working Conditions and Infrastructure.


Economic Approach

Analyzes the use of by-products, diversification, crop plan, business plan, bonus, fertilization, fermentation, drying.

How we support coffee growers

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Standard Criteria

The sustainability criteria of the standard are developed by an external agent and validated by the CRECER committee, which is composed of representatives from the areas of 1. Field Team, 2. Sustainability, 3. Trading. Annually the CRECER committee reviews the validity of the criteria of the framework. Depending on the needs, the CRECER Committee may decide to make changes as long as their level of requirement is at least aligned with the Coffee Sustainability Reference Code developed by the GCP in its current version. Interested parties may make comments, contributions and suggestions on the CRECER standard and its criteria; these will be forwarded to the CRECER Committee for evaluation. They will be taken into account in the standard version revision processes and feedback will be given to stakeholders at the time of the annual review.

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Assurance Activities

RACAFÉ's field team of technicians provides general support to supplier coffee producers throughout Colombia to accompany them in a process of continuous improvement towards sustainability. As a prerequisite, all farms comply with the 7 Fundamental Minimum Criteria. In addition, the coffees of the CRECER program come from farms that have received a visit to evaluate their level of sustainability according to our indicators in the three environmental, social and economic areas; the second part of the CRECER program involves the realization of follow-up visits by our team whose programming is based on a risk analysis. Racafé's technical team decides which farms can enter/remain in the CRECER program.

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