Colombia: The first green coffee milling machine powered by solar energy

in 2018 this solar plant was inaugurated, making Racafé a pioneer in the export of coffee produced with renewables energies.

Over time, there has been a greater awareness of the importance of using alternative energies. Among them, it is well known that solar energy is one of the most viable ways to help the planet because it stops emitting a large amount of CO₂ into the atmosphere. Since the project began, the tons of CO2 that have been avoided is equivalent to the planting of 2,706 mature trees.

However, it is not common to find a large number of these solar plants in Colombia. In fact, until 2021 there were a total of 122 related projects, but this figure is on the rise. What if we told you that Racafé, the largest exporter of washed green Arabica coffee in Colombia, and Celsia, an energy company, joined forces to create the first threshing machine with a solar energy roof in Huila?

Well, in 2018 this solar plant was inaugurated with the aim of entering the world of renewable energies and also with the objective of making Racafé a pioneer in the export of coffee produced with renewable energies...

What better sensation than drinking a cup of Colombian coffee processed with solar energy? Don't wait any longer and let yourself try it!