cafes regionales racafé tipo exportacion café arabica colombiano

Regional Coffee

temperatura para el cultivo de café arabica


Colombian coffee grows in climates ranging from 8ºC to 23ºC.

Café de fincas, regionales y microlotes


Coffees from 12 different departments of Colombia.

altura ideal para el cultivo de de café arabica

Crop height

Coffee is grown in mountainous terrain from 800 m above sea level to 2.200 meters above sea level.


Varieties of coffee

Colombia, Caturra, Castillo among others.

Regional Specialty Coffees

Discover coffee regions


Asprotimana | Huila

Asprotimaná currently has 195 members, which currently allows for 570 hectares of coffee plantations, contributing to an approximate production of 2000 tons of dry parchment coffee per year.

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Cañón de las Hermosas | Tolima

This canyon is located near the Chaparral municipality, which is a coffee-producing region that contributes to the economic development of this area with its agricultural activities.

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El Tambo | Cauca

Also known as the great agricultural pantry of the Cauca region, El Tambo municipality is one of the most important zones of coffee production in the country.

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Gaitana | Tolima

This village is located in the Planadas municipality in the department of Tolima and is surrounded by high mountains covered with extensive forests and coffee plantations.

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Inzá | Cauca

The wealth and biodiversity of the zone are reflected in agricultural products, with coffee and other exotic plants that are in growth, such as tree tomato, being of particular significance.

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Lenguapá | Boyacá

Lengupá is a province located in the center of Colombia, in the southern part of the department of Boyacá.

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Manta | Cundinamarca

The micro-climate of Manta has the distinction of being influenced more by the winds from the Eastern Plains of Colombia.

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Montebello | Antioquia

This municipality is known in the country as the “miracle of the mountains” as it was built in a natural mountainous paradise and is characterized by being a very important water source for the department.

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Planadas | Tolima

Thanks to this, coffee has contributed greatly to the social development in the times of peace that the municipality and the Department are now enjoying.

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Timbío | Cauca

The Timbío municipality is located between rivers of natural wealth and forests filled with abundant flora and fauna.

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