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temperatura para el cultivo de café arabica


Thanks to its geography, Colombia has coffee growing areas where the temperature ranges from 6 °C to 28 °C (41 °F to 82 °F).

Café de fincas, regionales y microlotes


We offer you a variety of coffees from the main coffee growing departments of Colombia.

altura ideal para el cultivo de de café arabica

Height of cultivation

Thanks to the Andes Mountain Range, coffee in Colombia can be cultivated from 800 to 2.200 meters above sea level.

Café colombiano

Coffee Varieties

We have different classifications of coffee, mainly Excelsos and Supremos

Conventional coffees

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This area is known by the ecosystems which are characterized by its crystalline waters, hills, valleys and for the production of high quality coffees.

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The Department of Santander counts with many water tributaries that feed the Magdalena River, imposing geographical features such as the Chicamocha Canyon, and a rich history reflected in the architecture of its towns and villages.

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Eje Cafetero

It is in the western central region of the country, crossed by the Andes mountains where the Colombian coffee region (Eje Cafetero in Spanish) is found. This region is conformed by four departments: Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda and Tolima.

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This coffee comes from the plantations in the east of Cundinamarca department, more specifically from Vianí, San Juan de Río Seco, Quipile and La Sierra municipalities.

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The word Huila comes from the Páez indigenous language: “Luminous mountain”, that surely is due to the topographical variety of the region

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The department of Cauca has one of the most fascinating natural features in Colombia, the birth of the central and western mountain ranges of the country and the Cauca and Magdalena rivers, making it a territory with abundant water and agricultural wealth.

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cafe verde colombiano recolectado y seleccionado de alta calidad

Technical Specifications

Learn more about our specifications for Extra, Excelsos and Supreme coffees.

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By using the 4C code as a baseline and promoting other codes, we promote sustainability in the supply chain.


Efficiency and productivity

We work together with more than 5.000 producers, facilitating traceability of their coffee and supporting them in the growing productivity of their crops and harvests. We also accompany coffee farmers throughout the process of threshing, transporting and exporting their green coffee.

Conventional Coffee

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