About Us

67 years of experience in the coffee industry

We contribute to the sustainable development of our country by creating value in all of our relations


We are one of the main coffee traders in Colombia, dedicated to purchasing, milling, and trading green coffee as well as product development. We guide our decisions based on sustainability principles in order to ensure the best performance of our organization.

Our greatest contribution to the coffee value chain is the development an inclusive business where coffee growers can create relationships and integrate with the national and international coffee industry.

Our Principles


We handle our clients’ information with the utmost care and discretion, guaranteeing the integrity of all resources and data


Doing our best since day one by acting with initiative, prioritizing and carefully planning every activity. We make the most of time, in order to be punctual, meet every deadline and comply with every commitment and work program


We assume the consequences of our actions and decisions, which are driven by responsibility and not by a desire of recognition. We honor our obligations, delivering products, services, and solutions to our clients in a thoroughly manner. Our hiring process is impartial and unbiased and we hold our reports to the highest degree of fidelity and veracity


In order to fulfill our commitment with excellence we strive to improve our organization everyday, which implies a constant reinvention of our organization. We are always looking to learn from our mistakes; therefore we value feedback as a fundamental part of our improvement process, and we are open and honest when we don’t know something or when we might need some help

Committed to our country

We believe in building a better country through leading by example, respecting the law and transmitting to our families the importance of being a good citizen. We promote environmental management and building community by means of open and respectful communications.

Innovative Spirit

We are convinced that every day is an opportunity to promote and find new ideas and opportunities. Therefore we try to remain at the forefront of the business management in order to make sure we constantly put fear aside and dare to venture into unconventional ideas. We see the importance of overcoming our comfort zone and getting out of our daily routine.

Justice and Equity

We build long-term win-win relationships with our customers and suppliers, based on trust, and fair and clear negotiations; acting always within clear policies and rules. We correct our mistakes privately and acknowledge them publicly